Daihatsu YRV 1.3i -A- Silver. YRV second hand car parts

Stock NoNEWM04012
Production Date01/03
Engine PrefixK3
Engine Capacity1.3i
Body Type4D Wagon
Transmission4 SP Automatic Steer
Fuel TypePetrol
CommentYRV 1.3 T/C K3 -A- (K+)

Daihatsu YRV 1.3i -A- Silver. YRV wrecker.

For Daihatsu YRV 1.3i spare car part queries, please get in touch via phone or email so we can locate the second hand parts you are searching for. We are auto parts wrecking specialists that can supply you consistently with YRVi used car parts. We have Daihatsu salvage cars coming through our yard all year round and have a wide variety of spare care parts available.

This silver Daihatsu YRV is one that has joined our ranks recently and is now ready for wrecking. The exterior panels are all intact and are ready to be dismantled whilst the engine and suspension are available for wrecking along with the spare parts listed below. If there is a certain Daihatsu YRV 1.3i used part that you need do not hesitate to call.

Daihatsu YRV Parts Continuously Dismantling For These Vehicles

  • Daihatsu YRV Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Gearboxes Daihatsu YRV
  • Alternator
  • Starter motor
  • Daihatsu YRV Compressors

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Automotive. Mechanical. Cooling. Auto Parts, Panels and Accessories. Auto Electrical. Auto Body Parts. Brake and Clutch. Suspension and Steering. Engine Parts and Transmissions. Car parts. Wheel and tyres. Rims. SRS Airbags and Interior. Plenty of Spare Car Parts For sale.

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New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania

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