Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT oozes style and screams sexy elegance. The car is approaching the peak of grandeur for touring models with a body containing crisp and sharp curves, performance the envy of many and functionality to die for. However it does not come cheap with some later models exceeding $400,000.

The roof, made in Germany before being sent to Britain for installation, is built with high quality components and offers undulating curves. A simple button press and it is down in less than half a minute. A photographer reportedly described the process of lowering the roof as “flagrant hitchlessness”.

The Bentley Continental possesses a twin turbo charged W12 engine that is powerful (423k) with torque registering 700Nm that pushes the car to a top end speed in excess of 300 km/ hr. The well known all wheel drive feature of the vehicle is now split to a 40:60 ratio compared to previous models that were 50:50. In addition, the 6 speed automatic transmission is stronger after a revision. Furthermore stability can now be controlled with a switch that is mounted on the console that contains four separate settings for the suspension.

The design of the latest iteration of the Bentley Continental was over three and half years in the making resulting in substantial improvements both inside and out. The process of panel-making included what is known as super forming that allows for the sharp creases of yore, that were constituted by hand hammering and lost with modern factory tooling, to return. A number of other design improvements have been incorporated including an extra 40 mm in width and a straighter boot lid and grille.

Above all, the Bentley Continental GT is a safe vehicle that is loaded with airbags in front, side and knee high positions. This is in addition to the all wheel drive, excellent brakes, great visibility and a well balanced chassis complete an overall experience. Large disc brakes provide excellent stopping power. Add to this 2300 kg weight and you are assured of a comfortable experience behind the wheel.

When it comes to the driving experience, this model of Bentley excels on the open road. Slot it into D for drive and the car purrs. Shift into S however and the GT has yet more to offer as the driver engages with the steering wheel paddles for racing gear changes while cornering. The Bentley delivers as an example of a grand tourer