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2019 jaguar E Pace D150 R-Dynamic S used parts

There is something about the name Jaguar that makes the heart pound just that little bit faster. Perhaps it is because they exude class and quality, or it could be the controlled growl of the engine, less junk yard dog and more authoritative snarl. Regardless, the Jaguar 2019 E Pace D150 diesel we are currently wrecking continues that long tradition of combining the high end of town elegance with street smart attitude and savvy. Check it out

Jaguar E Pace Used Parts

Just as Jaguar didn’t waste time establishing itself as a manufacturer of crossover SUVs, New Model Jaguar Wreckers in Sydney are on point in offering great deals for second hand Jaguar E Pace parts. Take this model with D150 R-Dynamic S trim that we are currently wrecking for example.  It has less than 5,000 kms on the clock and needless to say, bargains are to be had on a full range of near new high performance parts.

We are currently offering a wide range of used Jaguar E Pace parts including:

  • Used left and right driveshafts
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • LED headlights
  • heated side mirrors,
  • 8-way manually adjustable front seats
  • Front brake disc arm
  • Silencer and engine pipe
  • Gear stick/ shifter
  • Instrument cluster
  • A/C Compressor DIESEL, 2.0, X540
  • Starter DIESEL, 2.0, X540
  • Alternator DIESEL, 2.0, X540
  • Trans/Gearbox AUTO, AWD, DIESEL, 2.0, NO TRANSFER CASE, X540

Jaguar wrecker Australia

New Model Jaguar Wrecker Australia is based in Sydney however we ship used Jaguar parts daily across the country. Currently have a wide range of quality Jaguar used parts in stock.

For two generations and almost 30 years, the team at New Model Jaguar Wreckers are proud to have been offering outstanding value for money on used parts to ensure that you can get back on the road quickly, conveniently and cost effectively.

We are passionate about customer service and aim for your complete satisfaction. Call or email the sales team for the latest information on used Jaguar E Pace parts. You can also browse our second hand Jaguar parts on our site.

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