Now Wrecking: Hummer H3 2008, 3.7L V8 Petrol Auto

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Nobody messes with the Hummer H3 – that’s just common sense – but from time to time even this beast requires some high-quality Hummer H3 used parts. And when that time comes, rest assured that the crew at New Model Hummer Wreckers have got you covered.

While the Hummer H3 might not quite have the imposing stature of its Hummer H2 cousin, it is still a highly impressive specimen – and you can even find parking for it without too many dramas. Indeed, in the words of some happy owners “Without losing appreciable off-road capability, the H3 produces a far more civilized experience than bigger Hummers”.

Technically, the used Hummer H3 parts we offer belong to what is described as a mid-sized SUV. That being said, from a distance, the Hummer H3 secondhand parts in our facility resemble those of the bigger and bulkier H2 and H1 models. And that’s kind of the point – the smaller Hummer H3 used parts retains the make’s styling cues including: the massive wheel flares, the industrial grille, and the armoured car-style windows, all of which make these life-size Tonka trucks appealing to many customers.

Hummer wreckers – Used Hummer H3 engine and spare Hummer parts

As you would expect, this second hand Hummer 3.7L V8 petrol engine the team at New Model Hummer H3 Wreckers are currently offering, has some pretty serious grunt. The used Hummer H3 engine comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission with enough torque to adequately move a vehicle mass that despite being the smaller model, still has a curb weight in excess of 2.5 tons. Performance can be improved by adjusting the trim levels, which can increase the range from around 240 horsepower up to over 300 hp with Alpha trim settings, although the current configuration is set to luxury trim.

With just over 100,000 kms on the clock the used Hummer engine we currently have in stock represents great value for money. Get in touch with our experienced sales team to find out more.

Extended range of Hummer H3 spare parts currently in stock

As previously noted we have in stock a massive range of used Hummer H3 parts. Whether you need used Hummer brakes, a second-hand auto 4 speed transmission, or a spare front drive shaft, the crew at New Model Hummer H3 wrecker have got you covered.

High quality Hummer wrecker delivering used Hummer H3 parts Australia wide

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