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Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter, Maserati’s rock so you have to feel for the original owner of this sleek little number, especially considering it has under 25kms on the clock. He or she must have been weeping. But, as is the way of the world, a loss for some often represent opportunities for others. In this case, New Model Ghibli Wreckers is here to help you take advantage by providing outstanding deals on high performance used Maserati parts.

Used Maserati Ghibli engine and second-hand transmission

Let’s take our offering of this second-hand 3.0 litre Ghibli petrol engine for example. According to the stats we are talking about a V6 rocket ship that includes 330 horsepower, and hits a top end speed of 285 kms. Of course, owning a Maserati is about more than numbers on paper – it’s about attitude. Now, obviously you are only going to be able to test that out in the Northern Territory (snigger), but on the face of it, that type of pace is not too shabby at all. There is a reason the Ghibli is named after a prevailing desert wind. And remember, first and foremost, our used Maserati Ghibli parts are designed to allow the car to be driven, preferably hard.

But what about the used eight-speed Ghibli transmission I hear you asking? After all, everyone likes the bark but we don’t want to get bitten right. Rest easy, as always New Model Wreckers has got your back. The second hand Maserati automatic transmissions at our dismantling facility are superb quality and our prices are excellent value. Naturally, our used Ghibli transmissions offer a variety of modes for total control of your driving experience, particularly steering, which let’s face it, is kind of important. Even in the Territory you have to turn sometimes.

High quality Ghibli wreckers at your service

Our team have been in the game a long time. New Model Wreckers is a family business with over 25 years’ experience offering great deals on a wide range of used Maserati parts including our current stock of quality second hand Ghibli parts. For full details on one of Australia’s most reliable Maserati wreckers get in touch with our experienced sales team or browse our website.  Our site offers lists our stock in real time so please check our vehicle search or part search catalogues, or just give our sales team a call. We are standing to by to make things happen and get you back on the road as smoothly as possible.