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They don’t call these Jeeps ‘Commander’ for nothing. Strong, sturdy and made to last, this 3.0 diesel turbo 4wd workhorse was built to get the job done, particularly if that job is adventure. Nonetheless, if you are inclined to charge through rough terrain, then it doesn’t hurt to have some high-performance Jeep Commander spare parts on hand, just in case.

Luckily for those who like to be prepared, this month New Model Jeep Wreckers Sydney are offering awesome deals on 2008 Jeep Commander XH used parts, after all, even these Commanders need quality Jeep used parts replacements sometimes. Not only are we offering great deals, we also have a huge range of second hand Jeep parts in stock as can be noted from the image above of the 4wd Commander in our facility that we are currently wrecking.

2008 Jeep Commander used diesel 3.0,M06YTurbo XH engine

For example, get in touch to find out more about this second-hand Jeep 3.0 Diesel Turbo XH engine. This beast has more grunt to tackle rugged terrain than most people will need in a lifetime.It doesn’t quite drive up the side of brick walls but you get the point – it hasn’t been placed on this earth to muck around if you get my drift. And let’s not forget the used Commander XH Turbo charger that accompanies ‘the beast’.

Given the growing popularity of SUVs in Australia, you might have expected the makers to tone down the off-road capability to include ‘more civilised’ road manners, but you would be wrong. The Jeep Commander used engine we are offering does not scrimp on doing the hard work. Considering this tough work ethic you will be pleasantly surprised that the Diesel Turbo XH used engine is surprisingly smooth, easily adaptable to whip down Gun barrel Highway in the Northern territory or the Oodnadatta Track in South Australia. Get in touch with experienced sales team if you would like the low down on our used Commander M06Y Turbo XH engine.

Wide range of Jeep Commander XH Spare parts

As mentioned above we currently have a huge range of used Jeep parts in stock. Whether you are looking for extra used Commander shock absorbers, a second-hand auto 3.0 M06Y 5 speed transmission, or a spare front drive shaft, the team at New Model Jeep Commander wreckers have got you covered.

High quality Jeep Commander wrecker delivering used parts Australia wide.

We have been operating for a long time, over quarter of a century in fact, and we are proud that our experienced sales team are people you can trust. New Model Wreckers is a family business offering fabulous deals on used Jeep parts including 2008 second hand Commander parts. Get in touch with one of Australia’s most reliable Commander wreckers or visit our website where you will find up to date lists of our current stock in real time (see our vehicle search or part search catalogues for latest information).

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