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You might be surprised on first glance that the 2013 Fiat Freemont 2.4 JF is actually Italian, and your caution would be well advised, since in reality this people mover is a rebadged Dodge Journey courtesy of Fiat Chrysler. However, what it lacks in Italian character it more than makes up for in workhorse practicality, which is what you can also expect when buying used Fiat Freemont parts from New Model Wreckers. Mind you, this second-hand Freemont Lounge2.4 JF does come with some nicely refined kit. For example,this top-grade used Fiat Lounge parts list includes heated front seats,leather trim, chrome roof bars, and satellite navigation to its already ample offerings. Needless to say, you can pick up these high quality used 2013 Fiat Freemont 2.4 JF Lounge parts at New Model Fiat Wreckers for a song. Our experienced team is standing by to help you with these or any other enquiries you may have.

Used Fiat Freemont 2.4 JF engine

The used Freemont 2.4 JF petrol engine comes with a 6-speed auto with enough torque to adequately move a vehicle mass that does not exceed 1.8 tonnes, which is, well, not very much really. The second hand Freemont 2.4 JF petrol engine has a power output of 125kW. As a consequence the replacement petrol Fiat Freemont engine can feel slightly under powered even with just a driver on board. When you are hauling kids around town though that is is really not a major concern. And with only 160k on the clock the used Freemont 2013 petrol engine New Model Wreckers is offering is outstanding value.

Wide range of Fiat Freemont spare parts

As previously noted we have in stock a massive range of used Fiat freemont parts. Whether you need used Freemont brakes, a second-hand auto 6 speed FWD transmission, or a spare front drive shaft, the crew at New Model Fiat Freemont wreckers have got you covered.

High quality Fiat wrecker delivering used Freemont parts Australia wide.

We have been in business for over 25 years, and are delighted to present a sales team with a wealth of experience. As a family business, New Model Wreckers offer sweet deals on used Freemont parts including 2013 Fiat Freemont Lounge parts. Make contact with one of Australia’s most trusted Fiat wreckers or visit our web site for current stock in real time (see our vehicle search or part search catalogues for latest information).

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