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Happy new year everyone! After a short break, the crew at New Model Wreckers are refreshed and raring to go. We have wasted no time getting back into the swing of things with our noses already firmly on the grindstone. So what’s in store this year? More fantastic deals and an increased range in stock to get you back on the road faster and more conveniently than ever, that’s what 😊.

The team at New Model Jeep Wreckers in Sydney take enormous pride in offering a huge range of high-quality used parts at industry leading prices. As ever, we are standing by at our dismantling facility in Sydney ready to help. And don’t forget we ship used Jeep parts across Australia daily!

This month our featured vehicle is the 2010 Jeep Wrangler 4WD 3.81 Wagon.  The Wrangler comes with plenty of modern kit and some of the high-performance parts we are offering include the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) and even air-conditioning. The Wrangler still retains its own identity however with removable roof and fold-down windscreen and it’s about as close you can get to a new WWII Jeep. No wonder they are revered by off roaders and swanky inner-city executives alike!

Spare Jeep exhaust and other Wrangler used parts

Our used Jeep parts include the exhaust, which is included in the special deals we are offering for this month’s featured car.  New Model Wrangler Wreckers in Sydney are ready to help whether you are searching for second-hand Jeep shock absorbers, a high performance used Wrangler driveshaft, or spare front hub assemblies. Additional Wrangler parts on offer include:

  • Transmission/ gearbox – manual, AWD, petrol, 3.8, (no transfer case)
  • Wheel mags
  • Engine – 3.8L petrol
  • And a whole lot more

Jeep Wrangler wrecker in Sydney at your service

For almost 30 years and 2 generations the team at New Model Jeep wreckers have been shipping high quality used car parts across Australia. Our focus is always strongly customer service focused to make sure that you can access the used Jeep parts you need efficiently and fantastic prices. Call or email one of team members to find out about our latest offerings. You can find more details via the vehicle search or part search functions on our website. Additionally you can fill out the request a part form and we will get back to you in jiffy.



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