A review of 2020: a challenging but rewarding year for New Model Wreckers

Kia stinger wrecker

Wow its December already. It’s been a pretty challenging year by anyone’s measure but as they say around the traps “go hard or go home”.  Through it all, the crew at New Model Wreckers (known for  their ability to thrive under pressure) has kept you on the road with our industry leading sales team, best in class pricing and huge range of high performance used parts in stock at our state of the art dismantling facility in Sydney.

Corona Virus

Around the end of March we wrote to all our customers with a message that included the following:

In almost 30 years of operation we have gone through many trials however nothing could have ever prepared us for the unprecedented effects of the Corona Virus. New Model Wreckers has gone through 2 generations and in that time has never closed their doors, not even for a day.”

It was indeed an unprecedented challenge, however nothing keeps NMW down for long and by the end of April we were delighted to inform you of the imminent reopening:

“It is with great excitement, that we are making the announcement to Re-open our doors for trade with the entire team … “

High performance use parts shipped Australia wide

Since then we have remained dedicated to bring our wonderful customers the best value for used parts on a wide range of makes and models. For example, this month we are offering fantastic deals on used 2019 Kia Stinger parts. With just on 5,000 kms on the clock the second-hand Stinger parts represent fantastic savings. For more details please refer to our vehicle search page. Alternatively you can call or email our experienced sales team to get help.


Expanded offerings in 2020 with even more luxury car used parts, a stroll down memory land

At New Model Wreckers we continue to innovate and expand our offerings. Throughout 2020 this philosophy has remained at the heart of everything we do. Here are some of the highlights of our expanded stock offerings for luxury cars in 2020.

Alfa Romeo Veloce used parts were offered as we described last month:

Alfa romeo wrecker
Alfa romeo wrecker

“As noted by Cars Guide, the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s “cab rear proportions are based purely on its chassis architecture, with short overhangs, a long bonnet and the front wings extended in parallel. The tear drop profile is said to be inspired by the Giulietta Sprint, a 1960s masterpiece, and one of the most beautifully resolved coupes to ever roll off a production line.”


Jaguar E Pace Wrecker &  Jaguar XF Used Parts

“There is something about the name Jaguar that makes the heart pound just that little bit faster. Perhaps it is because they exude class and quality, or it could be the controlled growl of the engine, less junk yard dog and more authoritative snarl. Regardless, the Jaguar 2019 E Pace D150 diesel we are currently wrecking continues that long tradition of combining the high end of town elegance with street smart attitude and savvy.”


High performance  Used Maserati Parts

“The used Levante engine in Sydney we are offering has only 4,269 kms on the clock, so you can be sure that you are getting your hands on a globally renowned piece of engineering at a fantastic price. As standard, Levante Engines achieve 345 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, which can be further modified up to 424 hp.”


Aston Martin Wrecker at your service:

“Aston Martin Vantage spare parts combine the well known and loved sleek design with the brute force necessary for high performance. As noted by Aston, the engine is both powerful and musical, and delivers virtuoso performance.”


Hummer H3 Wrecker

Hummer Wrecker“Nobody messes with the Hummer H3 – that’s just common sense – but from time to time even this beast requires some high-quality Hummer H3 used parts. And when that time comes, rest assured that the crew at New Model Hummer Wreckers have got you covered.


While the Hummer H3 might not quite have the imposing stature of its Hummer H2 cousin, it is still a highly impressive specimen – and you can even find parking for it without too many dramas. Indeed, in the words of some happy owners “Without losing appreciable off-road capability, the H3 produces a far more civilized experience than bigger Hummers”.

Ferrari Wrecker

We invited our customers to a sneak peek into facility about 18 months ago when we wrote:

NMW-ferrari-wrecker-Ferrari-612-Scaglietti-used-parts-on-the-hoist“It gives us a great sense of pride to see a car of this magnitude being dismantled in our facility. Ferrari is among the most iconic brands in the world, and for good reason. They have built a legacy of over 70 years based on excellence and excitement, backed up by world class engineering and design, which in turn leads to precision Ferrari used parts.”

Car Wrecker Australia

New Model Car Wreckers Australia has its dismantling facility and warehouse in Sydney, although we are proud to ship used car parts across the country daily. We currently have a wide range of high performance used parts in stock.

Get in touch with our experienced sales team to find out more. Our highly professional staff build on the almost 30 years and two generations of experience.

You can also browse our website for the latest information and current deals on used car parts.