Now Wrecking: 2019 Maserati Levante S 3.0TT Petrol. Maserati Used Parts, Second Hand Levante Engines – New Model Maserati Wrecker Australia

New Model Maserati Wreckers in Sydney are proud to offer high performance Maserati used parts at great prices. As you may be aware, Maserati produces high end vehicles with a focus on both style and performance. Our featured car this month is no different and we are excited to offer high quality used Levante Parts for your convenience.

Indeed, the 2019 Maserati Levante S 3.0TT Petrol, direct injection twin turbo inter-cooled, automatic (8 Speed) currently in our Sydney wrecker facility is very easy on the eyes and ears combining Italian style with SUV proportions.

Used Maserati Levante S petrol engine in Australia  

I mentioned the second-hand Levante engine is high performance, and credit for that goes to the  Ferrari built V6 that consists of a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo ensemble that gets the job done, and then some.

The used Levante engine in Sydney we are offering has only 4,269 kms on the clock, so you can be sure that you are getting your hands on a globally renowned piece of engineering at a fantastic price. As standard, Levante Engines achieve 345 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, which can be further modified up to 424 hp.

Second Hand Levante eight-speed automatic transmission

The used Maserati Levante transmission is outstanding as you would expect. Marry that to the all-wheel-drive system and you have a recipe for fabulous handling to back up the previously mentioned grunt.

The Used Levante AWD setup includes a rear-biased torque split together with a limited-slip differential. Throw in the Levante’s suspension that includes electronic damping control and a five-level height adjustable air suspension and you have handling tailored to any driving event.

Spare Maserati exhaust and other used Levante parts.

Our spare Levante parts include the exhaust, which sounds properly exotic and induces a satisfying roar during gear changes. In fact the high performance used Levante exhaust can be so aggressive and loud as to seem a bit obnoxious when driving round town so you may want to adjust the settings for city commutes. And then again you may not!

New Model Levante Auto Wreckers in Sydney currently have a wide range of quality Maserati used parts in stock. Whether you are searching for second hand Levante S shock absorbers, a high performance used Maserati driveshaft, or spare front hub assemblies, our experienced team have got you covered.

Maserati Levante S wrecker in Sydney at your service

For almost 30 years and 2 generations the team at New Model Maserati auto wreckers have been shipping high quality used Maserati parts across Australia. We focus on customer service to ensure that you get the parts you need quickly, efficiently and at great prices. Get in touch with one of experienced staff members today to see how we can assist in getting you back on the road quickly. Or for your convenience you can buy our Maserati used parts directly from our online store. Why not check it out now?