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This month the team at New Model Jeep Wreckers in Sydney are delighted to be offering great deals on Jeep Grand Cherokee used parts. This featured 4WD 3.6L Laredo is among the best value SUVs in the class and when you add our great deals on top, we believe you are going to be a very happy customer indeed.  Check it out now.

Used Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo petrol engine (3.6L).

The used Grand Cherokee engine packs a bit of a punch with a 3.6-litre petrol V6 and 210kW of power. The low ratio gear options assist in providing enough torque for most situations and the Lerado in particular is known for its towing ability.

It is worth bearing in mind however that the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is a heavy vehicle and fuel efficiency of used Jeep engines is not a strong point. Nonetheless you can be assured that the second-hand 2012 Grand Cherokee engine we are offering is still in excellent condition. Click here to view the engine


Second-hand Grand Cherokee 5-speed automatic transmission

The used Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission is a no fuss affair that gets the job done. Merge that with the all-wheel-drive system and you going to have a fairly robust off road driving experience with this model.

The used Jeep Laredo AWD setup includes a rear-biased torque split together with a centre differential lock. Throw in the used Jeep suspension that can cope ably with most off-road terrains and you can be assured that you are not sacrificing comfort when you get off urban roads.

Spare Jeep exhaust and other Grand Cherokee used parts

The 2012 rendition of the Jeep Grand Cherokee sits slightly wider and higher than previous offerings while the used 7-bar Jeep radiator grill retains its highly recognisable design. Our used Jeep parts  include the exhaust, which are included in the special deals we are offering for this month’s featured car.

New Model Grand Cherokee Auto Wreckers in Sydney currently have a wide range of quality Laredo used parts in stock. Whether you are searching for second-hand Jeep shock absorbers, a high performance used Laredo driveshaft, or spare front hub assemblies, our experienced team have got your back

Jeep Grand Cherokee wrecker in Sydney at your service

For almost 30 years and 2 generations the team at New Model Jeep wreckers have been shipping high quality used car parts across Australia. Our focus is always strongly customer service focused to make sure that you can access the used Jeep parts you need efficiently and fantastic prices. Call or email one of team members to find out about our latest offerings. You can also purchase our Grand Cherokee used parts from our online store directly. WE look forward to hearing from you soon.


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