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There was a time when finding Hyundai parts or Hyundai spares used to be a tough job. Even ordering Hyundai parts directly from the company was an arduous task. Luckily New Model Wreckers are here to smooth your path when you buy Hyundai car parts online. We are specialist Hyundai wreckers with the experience you need.

Hyundai Tiburon - 2004-2007 ModelHyundai Veloster - 2011-Onwards ModelHyundai Excel X3 - 1994-2000 ModelHyundai Tucson - 2004-2010 ModelHyundai Trajet - 2004-2006 ModelHyundai Trajet - 2000-2004 ModelHyundai Tiburon - 2007-2012 ModelHyundai Tiburon - 2002-2004 ModelHyundai Terracan - 2004-2008 ModelHyundai Terracan - 2001-2004 ModelHyundai Sonata - 2008-2010 ModelHyundai Sonata - 2005-2008 ModelHyundai Sonata - 2001-2005 ModelHyundai Sonata - 1998-2001 ModelHyundai Sonata - 1996-1998 ModelHyundai Sonata - 1993-1996 ModelHyundai Santa Fe 4 - 2012-Onwards ModelHyundai Santa Fe 3 - 2009-2012 ModelHyundai Santa Fe 2 - 2006-2009 Model Hyundai Santa Fe 1 - 2000-2006 ModelHyundai Lantra 2 - 1999-2000 ModelHyundai Lantra 1 - 1995-1999 ModelHyundai iMAX - 2008-Onwards ModelHyundai iLOAD - 2008-Onwards ModelHyundai i45 - 2010-Onwards ModelHyundai i40 - 2011-Onwards ModelHyundai ix35 - 2010-Onwards ModelHyundai i30 2 - 2012-Onwards ModelHyundai i30 1 - 2007-2012 ModelHyundai i20 2 - 2012-Onwards ModelHyundai i20 1 - 2010-2012 ModelHyundai Grandeur 2 - 2005-2011 ModelHyundai Grandeur 1 - 1999-2002 ModelHyundai Getz 2 - 2005-2011 ModelHyundai Getz 1 - 2002-2005 ModelHyundai FX-Coupe RD - 1999-2002 ModelHyundai FX-Coupe RD - 1996-1999 ModelHyundai Elantra XD - 2003-2006 ModelHyundai Elantra XD - 2000-2003 ModelHyundai Elantra MD - 2011-onwards ModelHyundai Elantra Lavita XD - 2001-2003 ModelHyundai Elantra HD - 2006-2011 ModelHyundai Accent RB - 2011 - onwards ModelHyundai Accent MC - 2006-2009 ModelHyundai Accent LS - 2003-2006 ModelHyundai Accent LC - 2000-2003 Model

Hyundai is a leading South Korean automobile giant and, has made its presence felt all across the world. Spreading its wings across 194 countries around globe, Hyundai produces passenger cars, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles in addition to creating personal cars such as sedans, crossovers and SUVs. Hence the demand for Hyundai parts, Hyundai spares and quality Hyundai wreckers is escalating rapidly.

With such large exposure to the Australian market, New Model Wreckers is proud of its long association with Hyundai. We offer quality Hyundai car parts for a large selection of models. You can rely on us for a hasty response whether you need an engine for a Hyundai Accent, or suspension for Sonata. As a family business with 20 years experience as Hyundai wreckers you are in safe hands.

We are Hyundai wreckers who specialize in providing used Hyundai car parts of good quality at extremely reasonable prices. Our substantial stock of models means you will find everything from car seats, headlights and grills to bumpers, engine and suspension. If you are in need of Hyundai wreckers then look no further. Hyundai parts for any model can be found right here at New Model Wreckers.

Breathe easy in the knowledge that your search for reliable Hyundai wreckers is now over. Get in touch today for more details regarding genuine Hyundai parts and Hyundai spares for your vehicle.

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