Maserati Coupé GranSport Review


Maserati Coupé GranSport is one energetic coupé that can give a tough fight to any of its fellow contenders.

Maserati Coupé GranSport Score Card
Drive Score 6 out 10
Built Type 4 seater Sports or Coupé
Engine design 8 cylinder, 4.2 liter
Performance Stats Torque – 451NmPower – 295Kw
Fuel Efficiency 100 km. for 18.6 liters of fuel
Transmission Sports Automatic Single Clutch Transmission

Years back, when anyone wanted to buy a top-notch sports car, Porche 911 was their only option. However, today there are several coupé brands out there on the road. In fact, Aston Martin, the overpriced ride that only awfully rich people could afford has cut down its highlights and launched V8 Vantage to attract the modestly well-to-dos.

One can easily excuse Maserati from all this fuss. After all, it has been competing with a 911 contender for about 10 years. Now, the Italian manufacturer has introduced a more persuasive version of the entrenched coupé – Maserati Coupé GranSport.

Maserati didn’t suggest a mere transformation or improvisation, but it painted a whole new picture of a more persevering and resolute driving experience. Definitely, it is the sportier and more powerful alternative to the existing Coupé.

Brembo ventilated brake discs improved its stopping. It got independent front and back suspension along with optional Skyhook system than can be incorporated into it on request. The GranSport got a Cambiocorsa sequential six-speed paddle-shift automated transmission with 6 gear-changing modes controlled by a new software. Just engage the sport mode and it would sharpen the gear-shifting by 35% as well as set the Skyhook system if fitted in.

The new set of 19-inch tires and unique additions in the interiors are both functional and visually tempting. The interior is a genuine pleasure– a mesh-like fabric replaced leather, comfortable sporty seats, and a stout steering wheel with reams of carbon fiber.

GranSport is gaining a lot as an everyday commuting suggestion. Contrasting other coupé rivals, the sporty seats are excellent and comfortable, perfect for long distance travel. A few tall people travelled rural back roads in this Coupé for 45 minutes. To our surprise, they exited it alive and kicking. Now, travelling along with your buddies across the town is a child’s play.

There is plenty of legroom for both the front and back seaters. Decent modifications in the dashboard, front seats has established superior driving control. The valve seats are cozy, supportive and comes with user-friendly controls.

However, the poor ventilation (as much as the demisting goes), inferior stereo system, scanty boot-space, inconsistent fitting and finish has splotched Maserati’s own record.

The Cambiocorsa sequential 6-speed gearbox is a pain when it comes to driving across the city. Putting it into the auto mode would save your effort, but the lurches and clunking sounds are nauseating. It is below par, even if one considers it being tied to the engine.

The Maserati V8 engine is as flexible as chewing gum. It may not be extremely strong, but perfect for a brisk trip at low revs. Is it fuel-efficient? Averaging the test rounds, it goes 100 km in 19.7 liters. See if it is something that you can afford!

The rest of the GranSport driving package pursues the driveline’s lead. Handling is balanced and absolutely predictable, but the fanatical response of the steering may slightly weaken driver’s poise.

The elegant 911 Carrera S can beat the GranSport in score-race. But, its overall charisma, presentation and performance and four-seat prudence create a demand above the summation of all its elements.