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Featured car: High Performance Vantage used parts

Have you seen the latest stock arrivals for New Model Wreckers yet? You should definitely have a look as we continue to expand our range of options for our customers. As an example check out the featured car this month, with amazing deals on high performance Aston Martin Vantage used parts.

Used Aston Martin Vantage engine

As you are aware, the second hand Aston Martin V8 Vantage engine delivers a great fun to drive experience that has the power to match its guttural, thrilling sound. Revisions to the used Vantage engine and chassis over time have ensured it leads the pack when it comes to performance. This used Aston Martin engine has been refined over the years, making the Vantage a real beast to drive.

With 420bhp, the V8 Vantage engine is not the cheapest to run, but if you want a luxury two-seater GT that has a quality feel and a sense of occasion, then the British-built V8 Vantage is an excellent choice.

The team at New Model Aston Martin Wreckers, who have extensive experience in the field, think the basic V8 Vantage offers a great mix of performance and comfort – it’s fast, very fast, but can be quite forgiving over bumps with its high quality used Aston Martin suspension.

Wide range of Aston Martin VANTAGE spare parts currently in stock

As previously noted we have in stock a massive range of used Aston Martin Vantage parts. Whether you need a second-hand auto 6 speed rear mounted manual transmission, used Vantage interior, the crew at New Model Aston Martin Vantage Wreckers have got you covered.

High quality Aston Martin wrecker delivering used Vantage parts Australia wide.

As a family business, New Model Aston Martin Wreckers have been operating for almost 30 years. We are proud of our experienced sales team who have the ability to understand your requirements and offer incredible prices on used Aston Martin parts.

Get in touch with one of Australia’s most trusted Aston Martin wreckers or visit our website for current stock in real time (see our vehicle search,  part search catalogues for latest information or buy direct from our new online store).


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