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jaguar f type wrecker

F Type Jaguar Wrecker

New Model Jaguar Wrecker in Sydney is at it again, this time bringing you difficult to source, high quality F Type Jaguar used parts at a fraction of the cost you would normally expect to pay. If are you in need of a Jaguar Wrecker Sydney, we have got your back. Our team is continuously adding to our stock to ensure you can find what you need and get back out on the road with a minimum of fuss.

Just in case you wondering, yes, it is possible for a car to be elegant, stylish and easy on the eye on the outside while also performing like an absolute angry beast on the road.

Used 2019 Jaguar F Type V6 engine

jaguar f type used partsTake the second hand supercharged V6 Jaguar F Type engine for example. With less than 15,000 kms on the clock you can be assured that the used F Type parts we are offering are extreme high performance. In sports mode, our used F Type engine makes all the right noises and it is fast on the road. But if you really want to live on the wild side, flick the switch to R-Dynamic mode and hear her roar!

For those of you who like the actual numbers, the second hand Jaguar F Type engine we are offering is kitted out with a 280kW supercharged 3.0-litre V6. It is claimed the used Jaguar engine delivers a respectable 8.6-litres/100km. But really, when you are sitting in the cockpit, fuel economy is likely the furthest thing from your mind 🙂

The genuine 2-seater has a top speed of 275km/h and its impressive power plant delivers 460Nm of torque via a smooth-as-silk 8-speed automatic transmission.

Spare Jaguar exhaust and other F Type used parts

Among our high performance second hand Jaguar F Type parts is the exhaust, which is likely to induce an ear to ear grin. f type jaguar used parts

The 2019 used F Type exhaust oozes style and is likely to induce a face splitting grin for those lucky enough to give it a spin.

New Model Jag Wreckers currently have a wide range of quality Jaguar used parts in stock. Whether you are searching for second hand F Type shock absorbers, a high performance used Jaguar F Type driveshaft, or spare front hub assemblies, we have got you covered.

Shipping F Type Jag used parts Australia wide

New Model Jaguar Wreckers have been shipping high performance second hand car parts across Australia for three decades and two generations. We are proud to have kept a laser like focus on outstanding customer service. To do this our mission is to endure our customers get the parts they need ASAP while retaining the best prices in the industry. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs with our awesome staff by giving us a call. Or you can find more details via the vehicle search or part search functions on our website. Alternatively you can fill out the request a part form and we will reply

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