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At New Model Maserati Wrecker we are continually expanding our high performance Maserati used parts offerings. This 2007 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2i Automatic is our featured car of the month and represents just one of nearly 20 models we currently have in stock – a veritable treasure trove of Maserati used parts. See for example our used Levante parts , and second hand Ghibli parts


As you may know, the 2007 Quattroporte represented a significant step forward for used Maserati transmission. Maserati fitted the car with a used six-speed ZF automatic transmission. The DuoSelect model had a rear transaxle with a torque tube betwixt the engine and final drive.

To fit the automatic, Maserati made a number of major changes. The torque tube is gone, replaced with a conventional differential and a two-piece driveshaft. The engine now has a wet-sump oil system in place of the DuoSelect’s dry-sump arrangement.

A clear evolution that drew a line in the sand with previous that, at least according to North American sales, had less than overwhelmed.


Used Quattroprte ZF six-speeder transmission

The ZF six-speeder it now carries is one of a raft of upgrades, but it’s the most critical one. Some journos have claimed it’s the same unit as you’ll find in a tired Falcon taxi, but that’s like saying beer’s the same as water ’cos they both come on tap.


For starters, there’s no way the Falcon version is aggressive enough, nor could it cope with the Quattroporte’s appetite for revs. And nor, when you’ve had your fun and are settling back into life on the waft, is the more basic version of the used Quattroporte gearbox smooth enough on the upshifts.

New Model Quattro Wreckers currently have a wide range of quality Maserati used parts in stock. Whether you are searching for second hand Quattroporte shock absorbers, a high performance used Maserati driveshaft, or spare front hub assemblies, we have got you covered.

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