Chery J11 Review

The Chinese car manufacturer Chery certainly knows their place in the pecking order as the cheap and affordable option that offers a no thrills alternative to their other higher priced but feature packed competitors. However, with the Chery J11, they have pushed themselves like never before by providing a 2.0 litre SUV that is not only cheaper than anything else but also comes with a good selection of features.

The five seater Chery J11 is the same size and is similar in looks to the Honda CRV but comes at a price of $18,000, a whopping $2,000 cheaper than its competitor.

For that money customers are not only getting a five speed gearbox and 2.0 litre engine but also a package that includes some very nice features indeed. It comes packaged with aircon, cruise control, ABS, 16-inch alloys, electric windows, a couple of airbags and even some nice looking leather trimmed upholstery.

On top of all that, there is a warranty that is either for three years or for 100,000km of use (whichever comes first). This warranty also provides free roadside assist 24 hours a day for the duration.

In & Out

It is fair to say that Chery have ‘borrowed’ quite a lot from their competitors in terms of looks with the J11 looking mightily similar to that of the Honda CRV, yet for the money we cannot complain. The interior too is nothing to write home about, simply being the usual generic type that you will find in many a Japanese/Korean/ Chinese vehicle.



Performance wise, the J11 actually does quite well considering its hefty weight, feeling more than comfortable driving at the speed limit on the freeway. It has a very comfortable feel, feels nice and solid and has plenty of seat space for all passengers.

Economically it fairs well too delivering 8.9 litres per 100km which is more than competitive for its class whilst it also has a very decent load space and height.


The Chery J11 is a very cost efficient alternative to the larger and more established manufacturing brands that are sold across Australia and whilst it will not set the world alight with innovative design, it will certainly do its purpose and do it well.

For its price it actually competes very well with its competitors and really does give people something to think about when they are looking to save some money on their next SUV purchase.

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