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Used Porsche Parts

Hey fellow rev heads! This month we are continuing on with our theme of offering high performance used Porsche Boxster parts. Click inside to check out more images of our featured car this month – the 1997 Porsche Boxster 986 convertible 2.5L auto. Despite its age, this is still a sexy little number and as usual, we have a full range of quality used Boxster parts available for your convenience.

Interestingly, the Boxster shares a number of its front-end components with the Porsche 911 so there is a familiar resemblance in the styling department. It’s at the rear of the vehicle where you will notice a markedly different machine visually.

Second-hand Porsche Boxster engines at great prices

used porsche parts in sydneyWe are proud to continue offering fantastic deals on hard-to-find used Porsche engines.  This used Porsche Boxster engine is a 2.5-liter. According to reports, these engines produce a very respectable 150kW at 6,400rpm, which is not bad even by today’s standards. Remember, this model of the Boxster only weighs 1,250kgs so the final product can be described as a pocket rocket!

Wide range of used Boxster parts

The Porsche Boxster 986 has received impressive reviews over the years from the fan base and ifPorsche wreckers sydney you are the proud owner of one, you will understand why.  However, even sleek machines need an upgrade from time to time, so if you are in the market for used Porsche parts you are most definitely in the right place. Our team of experienced staff reckon that the used Porsche Boxster is a fantastic option when comparing with other well-known Porsche models. Whether you need a second-hand Boxster transmission, Porsche driveshaft, or manifold, the crew at New Model Boxster Wreckers are across all the details

Porsche wrecker with multiple models in stock

Porsche Boxster wreckerWe are extremely proud to have several models that we are currently dismantling, which means a huge range of used Porsche parts in stock. Besides the Boxster, we are also wrecking Porsche Macans, Caymans and Cayennes, meaning customers are spoilt for choice in selection of spare Porsche parts for your convenience.

New Model Porsche wrecker delivering used Boxster parts daily in Sydney and across Australia

The team at New Model Porsche Wreckers in Sydney have been operating for 30 years across two generations. Relying on this experience means our awesome salespeople are able to quickly understand your requirements while also offering incredible prices on used Porsche Boxter parts.

Touch base with Australia’s favourite Boxster wreckers or check out our website for current stock in real time (see our vehicle search,  part search catalogues for latest information).