Hyundai Tucson – When a Gamble is not a Gamble

The people at Hyundai have raised some eyebrows this year by changing the name of their hugely popular ix35 SUV to that of the Hyundai Tucson. The ix35 has proved to be immensely successful and is currently the second highest selling SUV in the Australia at the moment behind the Mazda CX-5. So with the new model about to launch under the new name, many are wondering just what the point is.

So why change the name? Why fix something if it is seemingly not broken?

The Tucson name is certainly not a new one and was actually used on their mid-sized SUV between the years of 2004 and 2010. However, whilst many think that changing the name of their popular ix35 is a bit of a gamble, the people at Hyundai don’t believe it is a gamble at all and are not even thinking too much about it.

According to them it was a decision that was made very quickly and was made on a global basis and not just for the Australian market.

The New Tucson

Hyundai are bringing out their latest model just at the right time it seems, as the SUV in Australia is the type of vehicle to have at the moment. Australia has been having a passionate love affair with the SUV for a good few years now but that passion is at its highest right now.

The new Tucson comes at a price that starts at $1,000 more than its predecessor but also comes out bigger than before and equipped to the max.

It is longer, wider, and has far more boot space than the previous models and is also capped off with better quality finishes in the driver cabin. It is also a lot quieter due to some innovative sound insulation and emits a more refined image. The engine has been upgraded too, with the turbocharged engine offering more grunt and a 6 or 7 (depending on the model) speed trick dual-clutch transmission that provides more punch.

As for the features, the best can be found in the top model Tucson Highlander that comes at a price of $43,490. It has lane departure technology, blind spot warnings, emergency braking that is done automatically, and alerts for any cross-traffic at the rear of the car.

The standard model does not bring quite as much safety but it does have a reversing camera, half a dozen airbags, automatic headlights, and some parking sensors.

Another exciting feature is the ability to have any emails sent to you on your iPhone or Android device read aloud to you as you drive. You will also be able to play music and use navigation apps through voice activation.


There are a number of models to be had with prices starting at $27,990 and finishing at $45,490 that comes with a 5 year warranty that has no limit on km, and while there is a definite jump in price on the last models, what you get for your money is arguably a lot better.

The Tucson has a cleaner design both inside and out, is packed full of features, offers far more space, is safer, and is simply bigger and better than its predecessor in every department. Gamble? What gamble?

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