Foton Making New Assault on the Australian Market

Foton are one of Chinas biggest players in the truck industry and they are now making a renewed assault on Australia. Foton have been using the help of Ateco Automotive, the firm that is responsible for bringing the utes of Great Wall into the country, to import a range of their trucks into Australia.

Five years ago the Foton Aumark was the first truck from the Chinese manufacturer to hit the streets after Foton used TransPacific to import it. However, the company that is responsible for bringing other trucks such as Western Star and Dennis Eagle soon walked away due to poor sales and Foton seemingly taking an age to develop a Euro 5 model.

Now with Ateco promising to offer far more in terms of marketing than what TransPacific were prepared to, and Foton hitting the market with three trucks straight from the off, they are feeling confident that they can this time make a real assault on the market.

Three Pronged Attack

They released the 4500kg truck that is actually regarded as a car in terms of what license is needed to drive it, a 6500kg and a 8500kg model that are each customizable with regards to wheelbase length and the type of cab. Customers will be able to choose between a wide or narrow cab and a wheelbase that is available in three different lengths.

Additionally, whilst the payload numbers have not been revealed as of yet, Ateco have confirmed that the trucks will be much lighter than the Aumark was and therefore able to carry a larger payload. This reduction in weight has been put down to the use of different steel.

The Foton trucks will be available with either a four-cylinder 2.8 litre engine of a four-cylinder 3.8 litre engine that both use Selective Catalytic Reduction. There will not be any automatic or automated manual options in the beginning as Foton are looking to satisfy the demand for manual transmission trucks but this could well change in the future.

As for features, Foton have confirmed that all of the trucks will have cruise control, air-conditioning and will come equipped with power steering.

As for the price, Foton have warned customers to not expect the trucks to be cheap but to expect good value for money. Included in the price will be that of a 24 hour road assistance package that will certainly be of huge benefit to those that purchase the trucks.

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