Now Wrecking 2015 Foton ISF Aumark 2.8 Diesel

New Model Wreckers are continuously bringing in new stock. We are now wrecking 2015 Foton ISF Aumark 2.8 Diesel , manual 5-speed. This flat deck truck has a good running engine and gear box. It has been damaged from the passenger side. Plenty of mechanical parts and panel parts available. If you are looking for … Continue reading “Now Wrecking 2015 Foton ISF Aumark 2.8 Diesel”

Foton Tunland Review

Easily one of the most cutthroat markets in the Australian automobile industry is that of the dual-cab ute market. This is especially the case for the lesser known car manufacturers and their models such as Foton’s Tunland. In the past, the Chinese made Foton Tunland range was seen to be a bit on the expensive … Continue reading “Foton Tunland Review”