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Proton is a renowned Malaysian car manufacturing company which has seen significant growth in the Australian car market. Providing international brands with stiff competition, Proton has successfully built its reputation in the industry. As such, demand has increased for quality Proton parts and in particular used Proton car parts. New Model Wreckers specialise in providing quality Proton parts and we are proud to offer our services as legitimate Proton Wreckers..

Top quality need not come with a higher price tag for Proton parts. You have found reliable Proton wreckers from whom you can purchase Proton car parts at discounted cost.

We are premium Proton wreckers in Australia who offer substantial discounts on Proton car parts. New Model Wreckers have a wide variety of car spares in our yard. Anyone can buy Proton spares from New Model Wreckers. Easily replace broken or damaged Proton parts with our second hand, cost effective alternatives.

If your car is giving you trouble the solution is our high quality used Proton parts. Buy Proton spares from reliable Proton wreckers. Visit New Model Wreckers to find our range of Proton parts and other wrecking services. We are the best resource for buying any variety of Proton spares.

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