Kia Sorento Review

The new Kia Sorento has arrived just in the nick of time it would seem, what with the old model having fallen right down the pecking order when it comes to the 7-seater class. The previous model was seen as being as much as half a generation behind many of its competitors such as the … Continue reading “Kia Sorento Review”

Kia Rio SLi Review

The hatchback market is an incredibly competitive one these days, so any car manufacturer that is going to enter it will have to ensure they have a package that standouts one way or another against the rest. Kia have certainly done that with the Kia Rio SLi which is their cheapest hatchback but one that … Continue reading “Kia Rio SLi Review”

2014 Kia Review

The 2014 Kia Proceed (otherwise known as Pro-Ceed in Korea) has now confirmed that Kia is a real match for any of their European rivals. The immensely fun Proceed hatchback has in many opinions now cemented Kia’s place as a major carmaker. In days gone past Kia has always had an image of being cheap … Continue reading “2014 Kia Review”